A downloadable RPG for Windows

Adventure Academy is an Adventure RPG Game developed by RookieReviews and is heavily inspired by other titles including, FNaF World, EarthBound, and Undertale.

It's 2014.

That old school opened again.

All you remember is going inside.

Then Nothing.

It's you're job to find out what's wrong.

Before he finds you.

Before he gets you.

Then the Nightmare starts all over again.

A long in progress school project, Adventure Academy was made with the help of classmates. Many references in this game are inspired by the real people at Coleigo San Agustin. With a span of Three Updates, and more than 17 Maps in-game, Adventure Academy was a real adventure to create.

Inspired by Scott Cawthon, Toby Fox, BlueyCarol, and DustyZiroto

#fnaf - Inpiration
#fnafworld - Inspiration
#undertale - Inspiration
#rpg - RPG - like game.
#mystery - a deep, dark and branching story.
#horror - yes, it is a horror game. If you look close enough.

Official Page (http://gamejolt.com/games/adventure-academy/140162#close)


Adventure Academy 84 MB